Is neoliberal Oprah Winfrey really the president progressives want?

I GET IT. Oprah Winfrey is a damn inspiring woman. Born into abject poverty and disadvantage, she went on to make the honour roll at high school and earn a full-scholarship at Tennessee State University. This was after having overcome molestation and the death of her first and only child at 14 years old. At 19, she began her television and radio career, and by 31 launched what would become the highest rated talk show of its era, The Oprah Winfrey Show. She’s the first black woman to become a billionaire and a transcendent cultural icon in her own right. Her speech at the Golden Globes last week, where she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award, was a proverbial banger.

But presidential candidate? Leader of the “Free World”? The one to reverse Trump’s destruction and division, and address the great challenges of the 21stCentury: climate change, gaping economic inequality, geopolitical instability and the spectre of nuclear war?

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To Those Defending the Bali Nine: do you Really Stand for Mercy?

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were drug traffickers. They were caught red-handed at a Denpasar airport with seven of their mates, 4 million dollars of heroin strapped to their bodies. Their plan was to bring that vile substance into Australia. To sell it. To contribute to the addiction and demise of thousands of Australian addicts. To make Australia a shittier place.

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The Sydney Siege: Why it’s Time for Silence

We need to stop talking about the “Sydney Siege”. Just move on. Talk about the myriad of other topics that pre-existed December 15. Enjoy Christmas / Boxing Day / New Years. Hug your loved ones. Enjoy some roast chicken and your Mum’s trifle. Have a beer. Talk to your uncle Frank.

But not about the Sydney Siege. Not yet. Maybe not for a long time.

Why? My reasons are threefold.

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Obesity and the Political Agenda: Would you Like Lies with That? (Part 2)

Last week I argued that obesity needs to be on the political agenda, discussed the reasons why it had so far eluded the political spotlight and emphasised the conceptual and practical problems of treating the problem as a crisis of individual responsibility instead of a social problem warranting a policy-based response.

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Obesity and the Political Agenda: Would you Like Lies with That? (Part 1)

We’ve all had a discussion or two about obesity. You know the one. You were walking your dog, or doing the weekly grocery shopping and you spotted a particularly large person. Probably struggling to breathe, probably wearing a sweat stained XXXL t-shirt, probably looking pretty damn unhappy with whatever task (s)he’s (attempting?) to undertake. Continue reading “Obesity and the Political Agenda: Would you Like Lies with That? (Part 1)”

Another Reason not to Vote Liberal this Saturday

With the Liberal’s track record in government up to this point, I don’t expect the contents of this blog to be of any significant influence.

I mean, old mate Tony and his gang of poor-hating, scare mongering, refugee torturing, promise-breaking mates have made so many mistakes at the Federal level there is increasing speculation that we’re the subjects in a yearlong episode of ‘Punk’d’. Last I checked even Joffrey was beating Abbott in the opinion polls.

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