Book Review: Patrick Holohan’s ‘Hooligan’

Patrick Holohan’s Ultimate Fighting Championship tenure consisted of five fights—he went 3-2 in those five appearances—and was not particularly noteworthy when viewed next to the thousands of other careers that have unfolded in the Octagon. However, his recently published “Hooligan” (Gill Books, 2019) might just be the most compelling mixed martial arts autobiography ever written.

Written in the wake of Holohan’s election to the South Dublin County Council in May, with the assistance of Pundit Arena Co-Founder Richard Barrett, “Hooligan” charts Holohan’s rise from a neglected child growing up in an environment saturated by poverty, alcoholism and violence to headlining a UFC event in Dublin, having his career cut short due to a rare blood disorder and remaking himself as a gym proprietor and municipal politician.

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