Whittaker on Improving Wages: It’s Hard in a Sport Where “Everyone Hates Each Other”

Robert Whittaker may not be a big fan of doing interviews, but he looks uncharacteristically comfortable at the UFC 243 media day. Surrounded by press for the better part of an hour, Whittaker addressed a long list of issues — many of them repeated over the course of the scrum — from his involvement with the Gracie Aboriginal Pathways program to the contrived Australia versus New Zealand narrative the Ultimate Fighting Championship is pushing.

Part of the reason he’s so calm and collected? He’s heading into Sunday morning’s main event with an extreme level of confidence, having gone through what he describes as the best camp of his life and rocking a physique that he describes, with a wide grin, as “yolked.” With a punishing year behind him, over which he struggled with injuries and a crippling battle with depression, he’s ready to commence the next chapter of his career, and that starts with beating Israel Adesanya.

You can read the rest of this article at Sherdog.com.

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