The Trojan Horse that Keeps Galloping

UFC President Dana White has confirmed that “The Ultimate Fighter” — the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s long-running reality series — would return to airwaves in the near future. In a press scrum following Episode 7 of Dana White’s Contender Series, he praised the program as a vital tool for developing contenders and claimed it at a future for as long as he leads the organization:

“We’re going to switch some things around, do some things different, but I truly believe that ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is so key in building young talent. This show is fun and guys come in, but what they have to go through with cameras in their face 24/7, being away from home, being away from their families and all the bulls—-, hardcore training everyday with these dream camps that are [expletive] built, cutting weight, staying on weight … you’ll never go through anything harder than ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ It’s a big deal. When you come off ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ everybody knows who the hell you are immediately. When we just left Fox, the thing was still pulling big numbers. It was the highest-rated show for original programming on Fox the entire seven years we were there.”

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