Another Decade of Dana

Last month, Dana White revealed during an interview with LVSportsBiz Guerrilla Cross Radio that he had signed a new contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, extending his tenure as the president of the organization for another 10 years.

It’s hard to fathom the UFC without White at its helm, which is probably why this news didn’t seem to generate much media buzz. Even though for a while there it looked like the 49-year-old had mentally checked out following the sale of the organization to Endeavor, in the last 18 months he has hit the reset button, looking and sounding like the old Dana again — bullish, passionate and profane — at press conferences and other appearances. Barring a force majeure event, he will continue in that role until 2029, after which he hopes to partner up with the Fertitta brothers in running an NFL team.

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