Montana De La Rosa: Mother, Wife, Teacher, Fighter

Montana De La Rosa may be only 24, but as a homeowner, mother, wife, teacher and Top-15 ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship flyweight, her life resembles that of someone much older.

A typical day in Texas starts with getting her 8-year-old daughter Zalyn ready for school: preparing breakfast; getting her dressed; packing her lunch. After that she’ll drop Zalyn off at school, before joining husband Mark De La Rosa — a fellow UFC alum — on a run or a strength and conditioning workout. From there she’ll go home and attend to household duties like cooking dinner, fit in an afternoon workout, then walk up the street to pick up Zalyn from school. The evening is, like the morning and afternoon, characterised by hustle: after an hour of family “downtime” she teaches a class at Genesis jiu-jitsu before fitting in a final training session, then embarks home to facilitate dinners, showers and bed time.

Speaking to in a wide-ranging interview during a rare 15-minutes she had to spare, De La Rosa shared her thoughts on her most recent UFC bout “Down Under,” her attempts to secure a new contract with the organization, being part of the first husband-wife duo in UFC history and the status of the female flyweight division two years after its inception.

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