Predicting Every UFC Champion in 2019

2018 is in the books and depending on whom you ask, it was either one of the best or one of the most regrettable years in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s history.

In between weight cutting hullabaloos, dollies being thrown through bus windows, worryingly low TV ratings and one record-setting pay-per-view, the UFC signing a broadcast and streaming deal with the Worldwide Leader in Sports and the promotion finally planting a flag on Russian soil, there were also some pretty incredible fights — and some turnover in the championship ranks.

Going into 2019, many questions remain about the future of certain divisions (I’m looking at you, flyweight and women’s featherweight) and who will contend for titles in the ones that remain. But that’s no reason not to wildly speculate who will appropriate some UFC gold for their top shelves, and how they might navigate the promotion’s torrid politics to get to the top of the mountain.

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