UFC 230 Counterpunch: What’s at Stake?

So here we are. After what feels like a lifetime of conjecture, disappointment and musical-chair-esque-matchmaking, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s tertiary showing at the storied Madison Square Garden is finally upon us. On Saturday night, Derrick Lewis will attempt to shock the world by unseating newly crowned heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, whilst four middleweights will attempt to stake their claim to the next shot at Robert Whitaker’s 185-pound title.

In this edition of “Counterpunch” — an occasional series where I wax lyrical on a litany of MMA headlines — I’ll recap what happened on the obstacle-strewn road to the Garden, what’s at stake when the cage door closes behind Lewis and “DC,” and the potential for UFC 230 to inject some clarity into the middleweight title picture.

To channel the infectious enthusiasm of one Bruce Anthony Buffer: ITTTTTTT’SSSSS TIME!

You can read the rest of this book at Sherdog.com

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