Death of a Salesman

Things sure can change a lot in 18 minutes. That’s how long it took for Conor McGregor’s image to undergo a significant transformation, from that of a murderous puncher, capable of decapitating any man in four-ounce gloves put in front of him, to just another fighter who couldn’t defend one of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s takedowns.

McGregor told us that if Khabib had gotten off the bus back in April, “The Notorious” would be serving time for murder. But it was the Irishman who needed Herb Dean to intervene and stop him from being strangled to death. The chaos that ensued after the UFC 229 headliner ended may have directed our attention away from the hellacious beating the Dagestani put on the Dubliner, but two weeks removed, there’s simply no escaping the one-sidedness of the contest. McGregor is capable of striking like a cobra, but Khabib showed that counts for little when you have a python wrapped around your neck.

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