Ronda Rousey’s Ambiguous Legacy

Ronda Rousey fans were finally given an answer to the questions surrounding the former MMA champion’s future, when she appeared at World Wrestling Entertainment’s Royal Rumble on Jan. 28 and confirmed she had signed a multi-year deal with the professional wrestling conglomerate.

No, she would not be returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. No, her abilities as an actor had not improved to the extent that putting a microphone in her hand was a safe option. Yes, she is still not talking about her last two starts in the Octagon, where she suffered devastating knockout defeats to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes at UFC 193 and UFC 207.

With her transition from the UFC to WWE complete, it is appropriate to comment on the footprint she leaves behind in mixed martial arts and to ask how she should be remembered by the sport that jettisoned her into mainstream stardom.

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