Ode to my Yellow Highlighter

It’s been a year, just me and you,
Us up against the world,
Readings, essays, our moot debut,
In the deep end we’ve truly been hurled,

But through it all, you stayed so bright,
A gold streak in a world of hurt,
Through PPL readings we stayed up all night,
Where I struggled you were always alert,In swotvac we pushed even harder again,
Lines of text turned neon and bold,
From families and friends did I truly abstain,
But you I did have and did hold,To Goldie I thank you for all that you’ve given
Your loyalty is truly outstanding,
Where I’ve hurt you I hope that all is forgiven,
For the two years ahead are demanding,

Through Admin, internships, a clerkship with luck,
Expect to be pushed to your limit
A lesser stationary might dare come unstuck,
Your grit you must truly exhibit

So here’s to my Sharpie, ‘Fluo XL’
The pleasure’s sincerely all mine,
I hope we must never say our farewell,
For together we truly do shine.

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