Another Reason not to Vote Liberal this Saturday

With the Liberal’s track record in government up to this point, I don’t expect the contents of this blog to be of any significant influence.

I mean, old mate Tony and his gang of poor-hating, scare mongering, refugee torturing, promise-breaking mates have made so many mistakes at the Federal level there is increasing speculation that we’re the subjects in a yearlong episode of ‘Punk’d’. Last I checked even Joffrey was beating Abbott in the opinion polls.

It really is that abysmal.

Napthine at state level has had a similar – albeit less soul crushing – track record. His assault on democracy by signing the contracts for the East-West link two months before an election, and his plain stupid decision to make massive Tafe cuts in an era of economic downturn and unemployment, should be enough to point you in a different direction come the 29th.

But just in case the unyieldingly biased journalistic endeavours of the Herald Sun or the Bolt Report have convinced you otherwise, another issue at stake in the Victorian election might just talk you down from the ledge.

That issue is the regulation of Mixed Martial Arts, which is currently only legal if it takes place in a boxing ring.

Labor, who introduced the ban in 2008, has promised to lift it if elected.

That is, they will allow MMA competitions to take place in the fenced-in enclosure that was engineered for the sport, rather than a boxing ring, which is designed for pure striking combat like boxing and Muay Thai. For those of you unfamiliar with MMA, the current state of affairs is analogous to AFL players being forced to play on a soccer pitch instead of the oval.

Lifting the cage ban would go a long way in ensuring the safety of the athletes that compete in the sport, who currently risk (literally) flying out of the ring, which happened earlier this year at an AFC (Australian Fighting Championship) event held in Bunton Park, NSW.

cage ban

Whilst the safety factor alone should be enough to demonstrate the necessity of lifting the ban, those left unconvinced need only look at the economic dimension.

If Labor is elected, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has promised to stage a huge event at Etihad stadium, which will inject a massive $50 million to Victoria’s tourist economy. A rematch between Sydney’s Mark Hunt and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, who fought each other to a draw in Brisbane last year, has been tapped as a possible headliner.

The Liberals, however, are determined to keep the ban in place, putting the safety of athletes and the economy of Melbourne to one side on the grounds – and here’s the best bit – that lifting the cage-ban in Victoria will lead to an increase in street violence.

Read that back.

The UFC, which currently holds events in 46 different countries and is broadcast in over 150, must not be allowed to hold an event in Melbourne because if it does there would be an increase in street violence, based on the geographical proximity of the event to the individuals who get drunk and hit people.

This is the line that the liberals are sticking with, refusing to respond to criticisms or further questions to this truly bewildering contention.

This is despite the fact that there is literally zero academic evidence citing a link between watching MMA in a cage and social violence.

In fact, the piecemeal evidence that has been compiled actually points to the opposite conclusion; The UFC comparing rates of social violence in the week before and after they held an event in Vancouver and demonstrating that there was actually a lower incidence of violence occurring when the UFC was in town then when it wasn’t.

There’s also the fact that the internet is a thing that exists. Meaning if people are as hopelessly impressionable as Napthine would have us believe, then we’re all fucked because violent content has never been so accessible. Sadistic porn, the latest Michael Bay film and Scott Morrison’s message to asylum seekers are all a few clicks away and would, logically, have the same effect as witnessing two athletes duke it out in a cage.

Yeah. The libs have never been known to be good with logic.

When you’re grudgingly making your way to the polls this Saturday, don’t be alarmed that neither of major parties appears to actually deserve to be elected into government. This is increasingly the norm.

Instead, take solace in the fact that there is one party who clearly deserves not to be elected into government, more so than the other parties.

That party is, of course, the Liberals.

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